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March 19, 2015

Sample SXSW Music: The Roundup

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It’s that time of year. SXSW Music (and Etcetera) is upon us again. As my annual public service, I offer you links to a wide range of music samplers and playlists, available for free around the Internet. They range from the venerable Unofficial SXSW Torrents to the offerings of record companies and show promoters. I update the post as links arrive, so keep checking back. If you know of more, please drop me a line, or leave a comment.

UPDATE: With the music portion of SXSW in full swing, I suspect the majority of samplers have been posted. As I worked through the various listings, I noticed that some of my favorite record companies and sampler curators have no offerings this year. It’s natural, I suppose, what with streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud, and with the many changes in the music industry. I miss the samplers from eMusic and Canadian Blast, both of whom continue to have large SXSW presences. Amazon has always put out nice samplers, too, as did Bloodshot Records. Oh well, we still have the excellent NPR 100, and my favorite of this year, the New West/Normaltown offering. Please to enjoy it all, and if you know of samplers I’ve missed, please let me know.

We begin with the torrents:

And here are a couple of samplers:

March 18, 2015

Clockwise #79

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You’re sick of hearing about my being on podcasts, yes? This one was fun, and it’s one of only a few¬†tech podcast I listen to regularly. Even better. Thanks to Jason and Dan for having me.

Clockwise #79: The Next Free Noms

March 17, 2015

Shelly’s Podcast #251: High Heels and a Dead Cat

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I used to do a podcast. I mean, I used to do a podcast frequently. Now I do it when inspiration hits me on the head, or when I find a good title.

Shelly’s Podcast #251: High Heels and a Dead Cat

March 16, 2015

Outside the Box with Jason Snell

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A committee of the Maccessibility Roundtable chatted recently with Jason Snell, former Macworld poobah, and current proprietor of Six Colors. We talked about Apple accessibility, as seen from the mainstream tech world. I should note, too, that I’ve known Jason since we both worked at MacUser, back in the day. He and I covered the Internet, initially in our spare time. We also shared custody of an email server, from which we ran music mailing lists. No one from the former secretary of state’s office asked us for advice.

Outside the Box #3

March 12, 2015

More Book Talk on KPFK

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The nice folks at KPFK Radio’s Access Unlimited invited me back to talk about the iOS 8 version of iOS Access for All. Also, there were cocktails.

LA radio station KPFK’S Access Unlimited covers accessibility issues. They archive each week’s show for 90 days. Here’s the MP3 of my March 11 appearance.

March 11, 2015

Springing Forward with Apple

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In which the Knights of the Roundtable review Apple’s Spring Forward announcement.

Maccessibility Roundtable #79

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