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May 20, 2015

Blind Bargains (Almost) Half Year in Review

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Joe and J.J. over at the Blind Bargains BBQast invited me to join their panel of guest pundit-types to talk about the year (so far) in assistive technology (AT.) And it was fun, especially because I got to chat with Ricky Enger and Chancey Fleet.

Blind Bargains Qast 16: Purrfect Hot Donuts

May 18, 2015

Podcast Catchup, WordPress Crackup

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Ten days ago, I posted a podcast. Almost immediately, I broke the Shelly’s Podcast Web site. Well, I broke it because I was missing some essential WordPress knowledge. I spent a lot of last week acquiring the knowhow I needed to fix the site, and being grateful that DreamHost, a hosting service I understand some people have problems with, was so willing to walk me through making nitty gritty fixes to MySQL tables. It’s worthy of note, too, that they neither condescended to me, or left me dangling. The site is back up, and you can find episode #252 of Shelly’s Podcast there. People seemed to like this one. I was frenetic, and grumpy, and podcasting solo. So go figure.

Also, here’s a short list of things I learned about WordPress last week:

  • How not to back up your WP site
  • How not to get content from an old installation to a new one
  • Where the content of your site actually resides (in the database, duh.)
  • The joy of cleaning crap out of wp-content
  • How to muck around in phpAdmin, including the export of data, deletion of excess database tables, and the editing of others
  • Why things broke in the first place, and how making your site more secure can sometimes bit you in the buttocks

The Maccessibility Roundtable also happened last week. I sure wish spell-check would quit trying to correct the word maccessibility, by the way. Lots of Apple Watch talk, as one might expect.

Maccessibility Roundtable #84: I Never Wasn’t a Dictater

May 3, 2015

Maccessibility Roundtable #83

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Netflix audio description, and questions after one week with the Apple Watch

Maccessibility Roundtable #83: The Wrath of Khan Setting

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