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June 30, 2007

My Work

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Here is the “third-person” bio I send to people who ask for one.

Shelly Brisbin is a writer, editor, and podcaster. She has written about technology for more than 20 years. Her specialties include new media, podcasting, the Macintosh and iOS, podcasting, and networking. She is the author of thirteen books, including iOS Access for All, Easy iPod and iTunes, The MacAddict Guide to Living the iLife 05 Edition, Build Your Own Wi-Fi Network, and Adobe GoLive 6 for Macintosh and Windows Visual QuickStart Guide. She has also written hundreds of articles for magazines including MacAddict, Macworld, MacWeek, NetProfessional, The Net, NewMedia, WebTechniques, and SunWorld. Shelly produces and hosts podcasts, including the award-winning personal blog and tech commentary show, Shelly’s Podcast. She contributes to several tech and storytelling podcasts, as well. Her most recent day job was Editor-in-Chief at Blogger & Podcaster Magazine. Previously, she served as Managing Editor/Technology at Powered Inc., and spent four-and-a-half years as networking editor for MacUser Magazine. Brisbin has also worked as a Webmaster, system administrator and consultant. For the past few years, Shelly has also been writing about cocktails and spirits, and following the beverage industry because she enjoys the free samples. In her free time, she manages a music-related mailing list.

Back to the first person. You can find links to many of my articles and podcasts on this site. Sadly, links sometimes die after a number of years, so many things I’ve written are either lost to posterity, or contained within the pages of magazines stacked on my office shelf.

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