Jobs I’ve Held

Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, Editor-in-Chief

Managed monthly online and print magazine for professional bloggers and podcasters. Planned and implemented all editorial elements, assigned articles to freelancers, and supervised an editor and a podcast producer.

Powered, Managing Editor/Technology

Powered built education sites for clients including Barnes &, IBM, Motorola/Metrowerks, Hewlett-Packard, and Bloomberg. My job was to develop and edit all of our technology-related courses for these sites. The company has since changed its focus to software development.

Hoover’s, Online Editor

I served as editor of the IPO Central Web site, a comprehensive guide to IPO activity. I updated the site daily and provided information about how the IPO process worked, what companies were scheduled to go public and how their stocks performed once they made the big move.

MacUser Magazine, Networking Editor

Office of the Texas Attorney General, System Support Specialist

    I wrangled a whole bunch of Macs for this state agency. I set them up, trained users and kept them (the computers, not the users) running in tip top shape. I managed the inventory and made hardware and software purchase recommendations to management.

Publications & Communications Inc., Editor

    Edited computer publications in niches so small you’ve probably never heard of them. I planned, assigned, wrote and edited these tabloid newspapers, and laid them out in PageMaker when I was done. Oh, the pubs I edited were Supercomputing News, Digital Desktop and Network Computing News.

Office of Sally Shipman, Austin City Council, Administrative Assistant and Editor

    Answered the phone, made appointments, edited a monthly constituent newsletter and learned a whole lot about local politics and government.