Brushes with Greatness

What went on backstage

Rob Schrull and daughter Kirsten have a unique perspective on the Kerrville festivities because of their friendship with Nanci. Rob, and some other Netters have "brushes with greatness" to share.

Rob Schrull (

One of the most touching moments for me was after the show at the bus. It was then that Nanci made a special effort for Kirsty to meet Allen (Damron). Allen had accompanied Kirsten on stage. Nanci shared that he had accompanied her on stage at Kerrville when she was a similar age. Nanci wanted Allen to do so with Kirsty. Afterwards, Allen shared with us how it hit him in the heart when Nanci reminded him he had done this for her years ago. As I say, afterward, Nanci got Alan and Kirsty talking to one another.It was really nice to see her personal caring and joy as she and I were talking, she would say a couple of times in a voice that expressed both excitement but also a peaceful sense of passing on tradition..."Look Rob..(pointing to them, who could be seen on the other side of some trees)...look at the too of them together. She's talking with Allen Damron". Later that evening whilst walking to the campsites, Kirsty said, "gosh Dad, he sounds like such a kind and wise man. I agree. I really enjoyed meeting him.

As our visit with Nanci, James and Alan came to an end, before leaving, Nanci was so kind to Meggie. She squated down, saying "Hummmmm if I do this I'm too low". Then standing up saying "and if I do this, I'm too tall"....then reaching out and giving her a hug and saying "Maybe we will have to get Meggie up there someday". You should have seen Meggies eyes light up!

I think the funniest part of this part of the evening was as we were saying our final goodbyes. There was a cute dialogue between Kirsty and Nanci. You see, there were three boys hanging around the back stage performers entrance, who were trying to get Nanci's autograph and who, Kirsty said, didn't believe her when she said she was waiting there to sing with Nanci. After the performance, they wanted Kirsten's autograph. One performer coming out from the stage said. "Oh my god, she's already got a bunch of guys hanging around at the stage door. Nanci said back at the bus. " were supposed to get some guys for me too! What happened to the guys!" Then walking kind of in circles, and throwing her hands down, saying... "Come on Kirsten.... you were supposed to get the guys!".

A little while later, we all gave each other hugs (NO....I DIDN'T HUG JAMES! but his "Yankee daughters" did. James has been such a buddy and pal to these gals. We need a few more kind souls like him in this world! There are not enough) wishing that good times in life, like this, could last forever, but having the comfort of knowing that we are all blessed by the people we meet in life and what we give to each other in love. With this in mind, we started to leave, looking forward to all those kind and fun List folks we were about to go visit! As we left,... there was Kirsty and Nanci, both hands on each others shoulders, leaning closely towards each other and looking squarely into each others eyes, Nanci saying "see you down the road"... Kirsten responding..."NOT IN OKLAHOMA!".

Shoot.....I wanted to cry!

I can't add or subtract one bit from what my little gals said as we left the campgrounds that night.... "this was the best vacation EVER!"., except perhaps....... that I have the fortune of seeing you all again someday.

Dawn-Marie Heckleman (
I was enlisted as a nurse, I got to be "staff". This meant backstage access through the festival, and free meals right behind the stage. So, at the end of the New Folk competition, I was wondering why I was sitting outfront trying to catch a glimpse of nanci from the wings. Sherry and I ran backstage, dragging Mark ("listdad") Ferguson with us. And there she was.

She was standing behind the stage with Lee Satterfield and others from the band, waiting to do a sound check. It's a funny thing- Sherry had a camera, and I had CD jackets for autographs. Neither of us approached her. Nanci's need (desire) for privacy was a very subtle but effective fence.And she had on faded Levi's, tennis shoes with friendship pins from the Schrull girls, and a pale yellow crinkly cotton shirt worn open over a white button-down-the-front tank top. The shirt came right to the place where the copper tack holds that little 5th blue-jean pocket together. (Okay, so maybe you don't want to know all this about concert reports, but I do!)

Hooker, however, is much more approachable. He's also taller (and in case anyone cares, was wearing an Amazing Rhythm Aces t-shirt under an open white shirt). And he's as funny as he is tall. (I'll admit it. I'm suffering from a school-girl crush. Yup, it's a surprise to me, too.) We stood around talking in the shade of the trees behind the stage- Rob, Mark, Sherry and I- with James. I don't believe a serious word was spoken.

Your editor's tenuous brush with greatness After Nanci's show on Sunday, we spent the wee hours at Camp NanciNet. Somehow, it got to be 4 AM. I have no idea how that happened. In any case, Frank and I decided that it was time to drive back to Austin. We made this trip each night of the festival because we are insane. OK? We're insane. By Sunday night, we'd gotten the trip down to a sort of ritual. To keep Frank awake while driving, we listened to music and stopped frequently for junk food (ice cream for him, cherry pies for me). At the first such stop, the Kerrville Circle K, we saw Nanci's bus parked at the curb. Of course, we had no idea whether or not Nanci was in the bus, but we did think how funhy it would be to see what Nanci might purchase at a Circle K in the middle of the night. As I got out of the car, though, the bus took off.

With munchies in hand, we headed "on down the road." Soon, we overtook the Nanci bus. Now you have to understand. Frank is not *really* a NanciNetter. He has been indoctrinated into this folk music thang, and is quite nice to put up with me. He does, however, have a fabulous memory for lyrics. This constantly surprises me. BUT I DIGRESS.

So Frank decides that one way to remain awake would be to keep up with the bus and try to guess where it's headed. So, we do this: sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. Because Frank wants me awake so that I can keep him awake, he gives me bus updates when I begin to doze off..."it's still back there," "they're goin' 70" and like that. Finally, we all make it to Austin. Only when we reach our turn off of Ben White do we go our separate ways. We figure the bus headed up Lamar or IH35. I said they must be going to the airport. Frank thought they must be headed up the road to see Nanci's mom. (Not likely).

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