Kerrville Remembered

A scrapbook of the second NanciNet Convention, in the words and images of those who were there

Where to begin? When I set myself the task of recalling the NanciNet's gathering in Kerrville, Texas, I quickly became overwhelmed by words and pictures, and by the people I'd met. I point this out only because I feel sure that this Web scrapbook can't do the people or the experience justice. But that's never stopped me before. I've included as many recollections and pictures from others as I could. I hope you have a speedy Net connection;-)

Paths to Follow

On Down the Road
Days and Nights in Kerrville
Friends Out in the Madness
Brushes with Greatness
The Reviews Are In: Nanci Griffith's Set
Other Voices, Other Shows
Laughter from the Kerrverts
Kerrville Remembered Credits

The Kerrverts at Camp Nanci: Sunday, 5/27/96

KV Group Photo
Photo by David Grant, Grant/Guerrero Photography, Austin, TX

Standing: 1) Victor Hweng, 2) Mark Ferguson 3) John 4) Andrew Bollich 5) Rob Gowin 6) Susan Peete 7) Bill Peete 8) Victoria Smith 9) Eric Hay 10) Frank Feuerbacher 11) David Riley 12) Mike Cogliandro 13) Rob Schrull. Seated: 14) ??????? 15) Deb Meyer 16) Jamie Bollich 17) Kirsten Schrull 18) Sherry Pearson 19) Sara Huizinga 20) Patty Schrull 21) Meghan Schrull 22) Emily Riley 23) Chuck Duffield 24) Jeremy Duffield 25) Shelly Brisbin

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