The Sign Said Welcome Home!


Dawn-Marie Heckleman

Someone asked me what's the one memory that will always stay with me about Kerrville. It's not Nanci's concert, though that will be a jewel in my crown. There are two things.

The first is about the place, the theatre, itself. There's a color blue that only comes in a Southwestern sky as it turns toward dusk. Every night, sitting outside, listening to the most remarkable music, I would watch the sky change. One evening, during that fierce shade of blue, I noticed the red-tailed hawks in the sky above the open air stage. They came out every concert, hanging in the sky like gliders. They ride the thermals, someone said. Not these hawks, I thought. They're riding the music.

The other thing I will always remember is the people. The only thing bigger than the hospitality and heart of Texans is the size of their bugs. Even if I didn't see Nanci there, if I had to miss the concert, Kerrville was worth it- the endless plane rides, the heat, the bugs, the ice cold very public showers, the dirt, the joys of outdoor plumbing- all to find a sister in Sherry and friends in the camp.

Show Me Some Pictures!

Photo by Andrew Ballick

NanciNetters gathered beside Chuck D's camper.

Back row: Sara Huizinga, Eric Hay, Jamie Ballich, John Schexneyder?, Patrick Doeffield, Chcuk Doeffield
Front row: Deb Meyer, Susan Peate, Bill Peate, Jeremy Doeffield







Photo by Andrew Ballich

Mark Ferguson, Chuck Doeffield, Jamie Ballich, Dawn-Marie Heckleman, Emily Riley, David Riley








Photo by Andrew Ballich)

Sara Huizinga, Jeremy Doeffield, Eric Hay









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